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SolarWinds? Loggly? helps you solve log management challenges with a cloud-based setup for log aggregation, monitoring, and analysis. Keeping all your logs in one place allows you to get a unified, big-picture view of your distributed environment. Unlike other Apache log analyzers, Loggly can be set up in few simple steps.

To send Apache logs to Loggly, you can use syslog daemons such as rsyslog. There is no need to install any added software as Loggly has agentless architecture. The service can support your organization’s log retention policies at a fraction of the cost you would incur with a similar self-hosted logging setup.

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Get faster search and troubleshooting features

Unlike traditional Apache log analyzers, Loggly provides quicker search results to your search queries, even when it has to search through a large volume of logs. It can automatically parse your Apache logs allowing you to run an advanced analysis using value fields, faceted search, filters, and more. You can easily inspect all events before or after a critical event with a single click.

Loggly offers an intuitive approach to analyzing your logs with its dynamic field explorer, which provides a structured summary of your parsed logs. It helps ensure you don’t have to start your search from a blank console. Also, the Loggly GitHub integration speeds up troubleshooting by allowing you to find the relevant files and line of code in the SCM easily.

Visualize your logs with charts and dashboards

Loggly offers an out-of-the-box dashboard for monitoring the health and performance of your Apache servers. The preconfigured dashboard includes several charts which display key Apache metrics and indicators. You can customize it, drag and resize the charts, and share it with your team members for monitoring. You can also compare charts over a period using the Timeshift function or sync them to the same time frame with a single click.

The visual representation helps you easily spot any deviation from the normal. They are also helpful in detecting hidden patterns before they cause any major damage. With proactive monitoring, you can significantly improve the performance of your Apache servers.

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